Emergency exit lighting and emergency lights are essential for maintaining a safe workplace. They help maintain order, limiting panic and enable safe movement to a timely evacuation. Each and every company has an ongoing responsibility to ensure the operational readiness of emergency lighting and to meet OSHA and LIFE SAFETY Code requirements.

Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service will assist in ensuring emergency lighting batteries, battery charging systems, bulbs, and other emergency exit lighting system hardware receive the attention they need for effective performance and code compliance. 

Our regularly scheduled inspection and testing will ensure lights will work during an emergency allowing emergency egress from your building will be safe. A good inspection program will improve your facility’s security, limit costs due to injury and limit your facilities downtime. It will also satisfy the National Fire Protection Association’s requirement for annual testing of emergency and exit lighting. 


  • Proper installation of light with a secure mounting
  • Load test of batteries to verify condition and ability to keep light on for the required time
  • Verify proper charging voltage
  • Inspect lamps for proper operation and illumination
  • Check the built-in test switch to simulate a power outage