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Fires in restaurant cooking equipment can be devastating, causing extensive damage and an interruption in daily business. The threat of fire is always present in a restaurant, so it is critical to have the proper protection for your facility.  These systems provide fire protection to cooking appliances and the hood area above the grease filters including the exhaust ducts.  This protection prevents the fire from spreading to the entire building.

Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service can design and install a pre-engineered fire suppression system for your commercial cooking equipment in any application. We represent the top manufacturers of fire suppression systems to ensure compliance, safety and investment.

Contact Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service for your existing fire suppression system. We can provide the necessary maintenance and inspections on your existing system to ensure it meets the necessary standards and provides proper protection.  These systems can often be expanded and modified to grow with your establishment as you add appliances or make changes.  We can provide an expert evaluation of your existing system to consider all options for upgrade and repair.   

Maintenance on kitchen fire suppression systems must be conducted semi-annually in accordance with the National Fire Protection Association and manufacturer’s requirements, and a hydrostatic pressure test on the system cylinder must be conducted every 12 years.

We offer a full inventory of replacement grease filters, shields and related hood accessories for periodic maintenance as part of our total solution service package.

Restaurant Fire Extinguisher Requirements