The Benefits of Pre-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems

Pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide affordable protection for many applications. Restaurant systems, industrial settings and clean agent demands are all well served by pre-engineered systems. Their affordability results from extensive testing by the manufacturer for all possible applications. This allows for quick customization to meet your specific needs. Pre-engineered means pre-tested to ensure success, and are designed in accordance with stringent review standards by Underwriters Laboratories and other agencies.

If permits are required for your local jurisdiction, the approval process is quickly expedited due to the nature of these type systems. And most important to most contractors and customers is the quick install time – typically 1 day for most common applications.

Pre-engineered fire suppression systems provide protection to your specific hazard 24/7. These systems feature automatic means of operation to detect a fire and activate accordingly. They also include means for manual activation of the system.

As required by the National Fire Protection Association, these systems are often connected with other aspects of your facility such as the fuel source to appliances, building fire alarm and exhaust fans.

Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service provides the very best fire protection solution to guard your assets. Our solutions include a balanced approach using pre-engineered fire suppression systems when required, portable fire extinguishers and other products – all work together to provide a complete and balanced fire protection plan.

Types of Fire Suppression Systems

Restaurant Systems Industrial Systems Clean Agent Systems

UL300 Standard

The UL 300 Standard (Fire Testing of Fire Extinguishing Systems for Protection of Commercial Cooking Equipment) is a fire test method that applies to pre-engineered extinguishing system units intended for the protection of commercial cooking areas.

The scope of UL 300 clearly indicates this intended application. In addition to fire test methods and requirements to protect the various types of cooking appliances, this Standard includes tests and criteria for evaluating the ability of the pre-engineered equipment to protect plenums and ducts.

The requirements in UL 300 take into consideration the characteristics of pre-engineered systems, including its self-contained supply of extinguishing agent. Since the quantity of extinguishing agent is generally limited, and the effective discharge of the agent is over a short period of time, these systems are required to quickly extinguish test fires, as part of the UL 300 evaluation.