Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly and Monthly Plans

Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service offers a complete line of services that include inspection, maintenance, repair, recharging and testing of portable fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems and emergency/exit lighting. Westminster has annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly and custom service plans available. Contact us for more information and pricing.

We Provide:

  • All levels of maintenance, recharging, inspection, hydrostatic testing and repairs to all types of portable fire extinguishers.
  • Monthly inspection of fire extinguishers in commercial and industrial applications to comply with the requirements of OSHA 1910.157.
  • All levels of maintenance, recharging, inspection, hydrostatic testing and repairs to all types of restaurant fire suppression systems, industrial fire suppression systems and special hazard systems.
  • Emergency and exit lights.
  • Low and high pressure D.O.T. hydrostatic testing (SCBA, SCUBA, O2, paintball, carbon dioxide/CO2, nitrogen, etc.).
  • All levels of maintenance, inspection and repairs to emergency and exit lights.
  • Fire extinguisher training programs.
  • Carbon dioxide recharging (fire extinguishers, beverage cylinders, etc.).
  • Fire alarm system inspections, maintenance and repairs.
  • Elevator testing.
  • Sprinkler systems inspection, maintenance and repairs.
  • Backflow preventer maintenance.

Our goal is to provide thorough services to the customer while doing so at competitive pricing with attention to detail, explanation of applicable codes and regulations and how they apply to the customer.

There is no additional charge to receive automatic service reminders – most customers do not want to keep track of when their equipment is due for its next inspection/maintenance.  We will track the due dates of your equipment and either contact you to arrange a service visit when its due or automatically provide the service at your facilitry  Of all the different services we provide, the service intervals are different from one type of equipment to the next.  For this reason, you may only need annual maintenance, while anothers equipment may need semi-annual or quarterly maintenance.

Many of our competitors in the industry are taking a "throw away" approach to fire extinguishers and related equipment. Frequently we see customers being urged to purchase new equipment and discard of an existing fire extinguisher that is of high quality and still can provide years of service and protection, with the necessary maintenance.  Often times, this maintenance is considerably less than the new equipment they were being urged to purchase. Since being established in 1978, our longevity is at least partially based on the ongoing goal to always provide honest and thorough services to our customers.  Whether they be a large corporation with thousands of fire extinguishers or a retail customer with one unit.