Fire Extinguishers:

OSHA 1910.157

Requires that fire extinguishers receive a visual monthly inspection. This can be performed by in-house personnel or by Westminster Fire Extinguisher Service, Inc.

NFPA Pamphlet 10 requires:

  • Annual maintenance: Section states fire extinguishers shall be subjected to maintenance at intervals of not more than 1 year.
  • 6-year Internal Examination: Section states every 6 years, stored pressure fire extinguishers shall be emptied and subjected to the applicable internal examination procedures as detailed in the manufacturer’s service manual.
  • Hydrostatic testing: Section 8.1 states pressure vessels used as fire extinguishers and specified components of fire extinguishers shall be hydrostatically tested. This interval is typically every 12 years for dry chemical and halogenated agents and 5 years for carbon dioxide and water based agents.

Fire Suppression Systems:

NFPA Pamphlet 17, 17a and 96 requirements

  • Semi-annual maintenance: At least semi-annually, maintenance shall be conducted in accordance with the manufacturer’s listed installation and maintenance manual.
  • 6-year Internal examination: (Dry chemical industrial systems only) Dry chemical in stored pressure systems shall be examined at least every 6 years.
  • Hydrostatic test: Hydrostatic testing shall be performed on containers at intervals not exceeding 12 years.
  • Fusible link replacement: Fixed temperature-sensing elements of the fusible metal alloy type shall be replaced at least semi-annually from the date of installation, or more frequently if necessary.

NFPA Pamphlet 96 requirements

  • UL-300 requirement: (Restaurant fire suppression systems only) Automatic fire extinguishing systems shall comply with UL300 or other equivalent standard.

Emergency & Exit Lighting:

OSHA Code of Federal Regulations

  • Requires adequate and reliable illumination for all exits.
  • Requires proper maintenance to assure that exit lighting is in continuously proper operating condition.

NFPA 70 - National Electric Code

  • Requires specific illumination and performance of emergency and exit lights.
  • Provides functional standards for battery-powered emergency and exit lighting.

NFPA 101 - Life Safety Code

  • Requires a monthly inspection of all emergency and exit lighting systems.
  • Requires an annual test of all emergency and exit lighting systems.

International Fire Code

  • Requires proper illumination of means of egress.
  • Requires assurance that emergency and exit lighting systems will provide illumination for at least 60 minutes.

NFPA Life Safety Code 101 (3) Functional testing of required emergency lighting systems shall be conducted annually for a minimum of 1-1/2 hours if the emergency lighting system is battery powered. Westminster Fire Extinguisher can provide all aspects of emergency lighting maintenance, including circuit testing, battery testing and replacements, bulbs, new units and all documentation.

Smoke Detectors

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